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Our Story


Creations By Brian didn’t begin by accident.  I got my start originally as a family-owned business with my father Mack and my older brother Kevin back in 1991. Our business was named Nuance Painting, Inc.  I had just graduated from Herndon High School and my father was retiring from 32 years in the Army.  We needed jobs and our community needed beautifying.  We started out pressure washing and staining houses and decks in the Norther Virginia Area.  We worked hard, grew our business, and learned many new skills.  We expanded into trim installation, drywall repair and custom painting.


Nuance Painting was frequently requested as the premier Painting Company in our area.  After my youngest brother Jason graduated from high school, he joined the family business as well.  We had a good name; a family-built success story, many new trades, customers, and friends from this experience.


Then I met my future wife.  I met Amber in Sterling, VA and we married in 1995 just 10 months after we first said hello.  Right before we celebrated our first anniversary we became parents.  We went on to have one more child six years later and now we have two beautiful children—a daughter and a son together.  In 2002, we decided to say goodbye to the DC-area beltway traffic and moved back to Amber’s home town of Muskegon, MI.  By now, I had gained over 10 years’ experience in the construction industry while becoming a husband and father. I knew I couldn’t leave the field even if I had to start over, so we sold our South Riding home and moved north to become Michiganders.  With my father’s blessing, Creations By Brian was born in the fall of 2002.  


We were fortunate enough to buy a home in Amber’s old stomping grounds of North Muskegon from a local contractor who was amazing, generous and encouraging. They shared my skill set that I gained with my family at Nuance Painting with everyone they met and business boomed. Throughout the years we have added employees, vehicles and expanded our area that we serve.  I now get to share my passion with my team and that gets extended to you, our customers.  


We connect with, serve and are members of Life Change Church.  Amber started a daycare to be available to our kids and life just kept getting better and better.  In 2012 we prayed about how to make a difference in children’s lives and knew foster care was the way to do so.  Amber closed her daycare and we applied for a foster care license a short time later.  And we enjoyed the foster parent journey with its excitement, joy and challenges for over three years.  We have a daughter attending Hillsdale College (graduating spring 2018) and a teenage boy at home.  I have volunteered as a soccer coach and have had the pleasure to watch some pretty awesome kids grow their skills both on and off the field.  Now I get to cheer them on from the High School bleachers.  Due to the growth of Creations by Brian, Amber is now working behind the scenes at Creations By Brian as my office manager and we will celebrate 23 years of marriage in May 2018! (What I really think is…..she found a way I need her even more and she gets to boss me around!)  Feel free to call her adn chat, she enjoys hearing all your stories.