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Please remember all pricing is approximate until a written proposal is given.  All prices include labor and paint, this is to aid in planning your project budget.  You may schedule an estimate online or by calling Creations By Brian.

Below you will see the break down of how we price our home interior projects so you can get a good estimate of how much your project will cost.  This is based on an average 8 foot ceiling.

How much does repainting a room cost?

Walls are typically an eggshell sheen (not a color, but the shine of the finish) and Ceilings a flat paint sheen.

**Basic Trim consists of 1 window, 1 door, 1 door frame and baseboards repainted the same color.  Additional trim is $25-$35 per unit (door, window, doorframe).

Approx. Room Size

5x9 - 6x10

10x9 - 10x12

12x11 - 12x14

14x15 -15x20

Walls *















*Add 25% to a 9 ft wall price

*Add 35% to a 10-11 ft wall price

*Add 50% to a 12-13 ft wall and ceiling price

*Add 65% to a 14-16 ft wall and ceiling price

*Add 75% to a 16-18 ft wall and ceiling price